Yojoa Lake

One of my favorite places to go is Yojoa Lake. I really enjoyed every time I get the opportunity to visit it. There are different activities for the whole family. And it is a very touristic place, specially ecotourism. 

For tourists, the site offers many options to spend several days in the area. In Lake Yojoa many restaurants, several hotels with rooms also typical of the place, recreation centers with pools and water rides, and zoos.


The lake is surrounded with restaurants so you must eat fresh fish enjoying of the beautiful view.

The area around the lake has different interest tourism activities such as National Parks, Joya Grande Zoo, eco-archaeological park Los Naranjos, Bogran Castle Ruins, D & D Brewey, Honduyate Marina, Taulabe Caves, Caves “The Jute “Pulhapanzak Falls, the hydroelectric Francisco Morazan (also known as” El Cajon “),” El Mochito “, among other attractions.

Because of its tourist attractions, natural beauty and climate, this destination is provided mostly for hiking, birdwatching or bird watching, agrotourism, ecotourism, cultural tourism, camping, among others. Yojoa Lake occupied the 5th place among the 30 Wonders of Honduras, voting contest created by the JCI.

The place I visit often is called Finca Las Glorias. It offers a place you can stay, restaurant, swimming pool, horse riding, view of the lake and a great place to take pictures. I hope to get there soon. It is a very relaxing place. And I assure you will have fun with your family. The picture from the top I took it there. If you want to know more information about this place you whould visit: http://www.hotellasglorias.com. 🙂




Siguatepeque is the place I was borned and have been raised throughout my life. This beautiful city is ubicated in the center of Honduras. One of its attractions is the festival of the pine. The festival starts with a parade, where different schools and common things of the city are showed. Along the streets you will find delicious food and things to buy such as: toys for your kids. If you are planning to stay a few days in Siguatepeque there are many options for you, there are hotels ubicated all over the city. The education in Siguatepeque is pretty good, there are public and private schools. I’m actually studying in a christian bilingual school. But two years ago I was studying in a different school, where I was from kinder till part of the high-school. Many tourists come to visit this city, and one of the things they are in love with is the climate, it is very fresh and humid. Siguatepeque has not many places to go, but you should visit the park where you can take great pictures. If you want to take a keepsake you can go to the gift shops. The festival is coming soon so if you are planning to have a short vacations here you don’t have to miss it. If you want to know more information you can feel free to ask me. And I’m very proud to be from Siguatepeque. Thanks for reading. 😉

School Trip: ROATAN B)

In a few days I will be going to Roatan. I’m really excited to get there and enojoyed of the beach and the beautiful landscape. The reason I’m traveling there is because of the school trip. Every year the school I attend makes a trip to a different place. The last time we went to Utila that is also part of the Bay Islands. Roatan is one of the most famous beaches of Honduras and it is very visited and attractive for tourists. The majority of persons that actually lives there are foreigners so that’s way the common currency are dollars. We are staying in Roatan for four days. The first day we are traveling all the way there wich is a very long trip and we are doing the activity called ‘glass boat’ this works by observing the different reefs, plants and animals at the sea.


The next day we will have some time to spend at the beach, and practice activities such as snorkeling. This is a very common activity for tourists and it’s not that expensive. You will be able to observe the reefs.


As you can see there are many activities you cand do while spending your vacations at Roatan. One of the last things we are going to do is the Dolphin’s show. You can pay $65 and be able to take a picture and swim with them. But I consider it a little too expensive so I’m not paying


I have been two times in Guatemala and I have enjoyed the time I spent there. I have gone to Rio Dulce and Coban. The reason why I went is because I used to practice Karate and most of the tournaments were in Guatemala. So I got to know new places. There are different places to visit in Guatemala such as:

-Tikal Park

Tikal is a national park that preserves archeological architectural ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization, whose temples are world famous.

-La Antigua Guatemala and night photography

The monuments and assets located in La Antigua Guatemala have lighting that offers interesting sights for visitors and photographers. It is worthwhile to walk the streets to find a good photograph. From source to churches, the details are the order of the visitor. So if you are interested in photography this is a great place to go.

-Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is one of the attractions most visited Guatemala. Surrounded by three volcanoes, Atitlan and San Pedro Tolimán, offers breathtaking scenery, making it a natural jewel that relaxes thousands of travelers who choose to stay and live in villages that are around.

-Playa Blanca Izabal 

Playa Blanca, as the name implies, is a beach of white sand, white, breaking with the scene to which we are accustomed to dark sand beaches to the volcanic nature of the region.

It is located in Izabal and only come and see the white line to the water’s edge clear surprise … If you like beaches, sun and palm trees, and do not know Playa Blanca, you have not travel enough.

Guatemala is a great destiny to go. You will have a great time with your family or friends. 🙂


Houston, Texas


One of my last trips was to Houston, Texas. The reason why I usually go is because part of my family lives there.  I did not get to hang out that much, but I have heard it has amazing places to go. One of the most known attraction is the Bayou Place. The Bayou Place is located in the heart of Houston’s Downtown , it has a variety of things to do such as: theaters, bars, lounges, and restaurants. Start the evening off with dinner at the legendary Hard Rock Café or the authentic Italian trattoria, Mingalone. Enjoy box office hits or catch the latest indie flick at the Angelika Film Center followed by drinks and dancing at ROCBAR, Houston’s largest rock and roll nightclub. This is a place recommended for younger persons. My cousin (Kayla) has told me she enjoyed the times she had gone, but she never took me there. 😦 So if you are an active person and like to have fun at clubs and that kind of stuff you shoul visit Bayou Place.

If you are a shopaholic you must go to Galleria Mall, I´ve been there before and I wanted to take all the stores with me 😦 It almost drive me crazy. It is  Texas’s largest mall and it is an upscale shopping mall.

If you are interested in trying something new you can go to Johnson Space Center. You will have a dramatic experience of the mystery that is outer space. Witness real life astronauts in training, feel the weight of a moon rock or land a virtual rocket at this state-of-the-art educational institution. Exhibits include:

Astronaut Gallery: exhibit featuring the world’s best collection of spacesuits as well as portraits of every U.S. astronaut that has flown in space.

The Feel of Space: realistic simulation of life as an astronaut aboard a space station.

Starship Gallery: collection of several of the earliest space artifacts including the Apollo 17 Command Module.

Blast Off Theater: experience the rush of a rocket launch.

Count Dooku’s Sky Bike: attempt to pedal your way 360 degrees around a 20-foot inverted circle.


There are other places such as the: Houston Zoo, Museum District and Splashtown. These are choices if you are planning a short trip. I hope you get to know more places than I did. 😦

Next Stop: Orlando

When I turned fifteen my birthday gift was a trip to Orlando. At the beginning I was not too excited because I wanted a party but I also wished to go to Orlando, so finally I decided to travel to Orlando because it was one of my biggest dreams. I’m very happy with my decision because I had a great time with my family. 🙂


Orlando is one of the world’s premier travel destinations, more than 50-million people visit it every year. One of the reasons is because it has so much to offer for families, couples, singles travelers or friends. These are the main categories:

-Theme Parks

Theme Parks are a great choice for families becuase all will enjoy it. From the classic Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World® Resort to the magical Wizarding World of Harry PotterTM at Universal Orlando® Resort, there’s a world for everyone to escape into! Experience a wonderland of ocean animals at SeaWorld® Orlando.  Discover fun for the whole family at LEGOLAND® Florida, one of Orlando’s newest theme parks.  These are the most visited parks at Orlando. I’ve been in Magic Kingdom and it is like a dream come true it really brought me to tears.


I took the above picture. 😉

Image-Art, Culture & History

Orlando has a rich history. It has the best Florida Film Festival to fine arts museums, cultural options in Orlando offer a mix of traditional and modern entertainment for visitors. For those with more traditional tastes, the city’s theaters entertain with options from Shakespeare to children’s classics, and area museums and galleries showcase local and global artists.


-Sports, Recreation & Outdoors

The city is chock full of unique outdoor and sporting activities for adventure seekers. Visitors can fly in an open-cockpit 1930s’ biplane or ride an airboat through a swampy wilderness. Those seeking a more laid-back experience can opt for a stroll through one of many gardens and parks or an early morning hot air balloon ride over the Central Florida treetops. There a lot of new and unique activities you can experience at Orlando City.

So if you are planning a vacation for and your family Orlando could be an awesome destiny. You hace to travel once in your life to this place, you won’t regret about it. I had a wonderful experience at Orlando parks, I felt like a little child again. 

Thank you <3

I hope you have enjoyed the two blogs about tourism in Honduras. I tried to look the best information. So anytime you are planning a vacation you can keep in mind Honduras as your destiny. There is a bunch of other places you can also visit and if you want me to me to look for more information you just have to ask. If you have any suggestion you can leave a comment I will be happy to read it. This is my first blog so I would like to improve my writing. Also if you want or know about any special place you can easily tell me to write a new post about it. In a few days I will be traveling to Roatan, I’m very excited by the way, so I’ll be writing about my experience and I will post some pictures. Roatan is like a paradise and the reason why I’m going is because of the school trip, so all my classmates will be there. I have not decided what my next post will be about so if you have a suggestion tell me as soon as possible. In my opinion, I rather ecological tourism than archaeological. You can share your opinios and experiences if you want. Traveling is one of my favorites activities I like to know new places and different cultures.I have been before in two different countries Guatemala and United States of America. But my biggest dream is to travel all over the world (someday). Thank you for reading my blog. Have a nice day 🙂