Thank you <3

I hope you have enjoyed the two blogs about tourism in Honduras. I tried to look the best information. So anytime you are planning a vacation you can keep in mind Honduras as your destiny. There is a bunch of other places you can also visit and if you want me to me to look for more information you just have to ask. If you have any suggestion you can leave a comment I will be happy to read it. This is my first blog so I would like to improve my writing. Also if you want or know about any special place you can easily tell me to write a new post about it. In a few days I will be traveling to Roatan, I’m very excited by the way, so I’ll be writing about my experience and I will post some pictures. Roatan is like a paradise and the reason why I’m going is because of the school trip, so all my classmates will be there. I have not decided what my next post will be about so if you have a suggestion tell me as soon as possible. In my opinion, I rather ecological tourism than archaeological. You can share your opinios and experiences if you want. Traveling is one of my favorites activities I like to know new places and different cultures.I have been before in two different countries Guatemala and United States of America. But my biggest dream is to travel all over the world (someday). Thank you for reading my blog. Have a nice day 🙂


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