I have been two times in Guatemala and I have enjoyed the time I spent there. I have gone to Rio Dulce and Coban. The reason why I went is because I used to practice Karate and most of the tournaments were in Guatemala. So I got to know new places. There are different places to visit in Guatemala such as:

-Tikal Park

Tikal is a national park that preserves archeological architectural ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization, whose temples are world famous.

-La Antigua Guatemala and night photography

The monuments and assets located in La Antigua Guatemala have lighting that offers interesting sights for visitors and photographers. It is worthwhile to walk the streets to find a good photograph. From source to churches, the details are the order of the visitor. So if you are interested in photography this is a great place to go.

-Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is one of the attractions most visited Guatemala. Surrounded by three volcanoes, Atitlan and San Pedro Tolimán, offers breathtaking scenery, making it a natural jewel that relaxes thousands of travelers who choose to stay and live in villages that are around.

-Playa Blanca Izabal 

Playa Blanca, as the name implies, is a beach of white sand, white, breaking with the scene to which we are accustomed to dark sand beaches to the volcanic nature of the region.

It is located in Izabal and only come and see the white line to the water’s edge clear surprise … If you like beaches, sun and palm trees, and do not know Playa Blanca, you have not travel enough.

Guatemala is a great destiny to go. You will have a great time with your family or friends. 🙂



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