School Trip: ROATAN B)

In a few days I will be going to Roatan. I’m really excited to get there and enojoyed of the beach and the beautiful landscape. The reason I’m traveling there is because of the school trip. Every year the school I attend makes a trip to a different place. The last time we went to Utila that is also part of the Bay Islands. Roatan is one of the most famous beaches of Honduras and it is very visited and attractive for tourists. The majority of persons that actually lives there are foreigners so that’s way the common currency are dollars. We are staying in Roatan for four days. The first day we are traveling all the way there wich is a very long trip and we are doing the activity called ‘glass boat’ this works by observing the different reefs, plants and animals at the sea.


The next day we will have some time to spend at the beach, and practice activities such as snorkeling. This is a very common activity for tourists and it’s not that expensive. You will be able to observe the reefs.


As you can see there are many activities you cand do while spending your vacations at Roatan. One of the last things we are going to do is the Dolphin’s show. You can pay $65 and be able to take a picture and swim with them. But I consider it a little too expensive so I’m not paying


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