Siguatepeque is the place I was borned and have been raised throughout my life. This beautiful city is ubicated in the center of Honduras. One of its attractions is the festival of the pine. The festival starts with a parade, where different schools and common things of the city are showed. Along the streets you will find delicious food and things to buy such as: toys for your kids. If you are planning to stay a few days in Siguatepeque there are many options for you, there are hotels ubicated all over the city. The education in Siguatepeque is pretty good, there are public and private schools. I’m actually studying in a christian bilingual school. But two years ago I was studying in a different school, where I was from kinder till part of the high-school. Many tourists come to visit this city, and one of the things they are in love with is the climate, it is very fresh and humid. Siguatepeque has not many places to go, but you should visit the park where you can take great pictures. If you want to take a keepsake you can go to the gift shops. The festival is coming soon so if you are planning to have a short vacations here you don’t have to miss it. If you want to know more information you can feel free to ask me. And I’m very proud to be from Siguatepeque. Thanks for reading. 😉


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