Yojoa Lake

One of my favorite places to go is Yojoa Lake. I really enjoyed every time I get the opportunity to visit it. There are different activities for the whole family. And it is a very touristic place, specially ecotourism. 

For tourists, the site offers many options to spend several days in the area. In Lake Yojoa many restaurants, several hotels with rooms also typical of the place, recreation centers with pools and water rides, and zoos.


The lake is surrounded with restaurants so you must eat fresh fish enjoying of the beautiful view.

The area around the lake has different interest tourism activities such as National Parks, Joya Grande Zoo, eco-archaeological park Los Naranjos, Bogran Castle Ruins, D & D Brewey, Honduyate Marina, Taulabe Caves, Caves “The Jute “Pulhapanzak Falls, the hydroelectric Francisco Morazan (also known as” El Cajon “),” El Mochito “, among other attractions.

Because of its tourist attractions, natural beauty and climate, this destination is provided mostly for hiking, birdwatching or bird watching, agrotourism, ecotourism, cultural tourism, camping, among others. Yojoa Lake occupied the 5th place among the 30 Wonders of Honduras, voting contest created by the JCI.

The place I visit often is called Finca Las Glorias. It offers a place you can stay, restaurant, swimming pool, horse riding, view of the lake and a great place to take pictures. I hope to get there soon. It is a very relaxing place. And I assure you will have fun with your family. The picture from the top I took it there. If you want to know more information about this place you whould visit: http://www.hotellasglorias.com. 🙂



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