Archaeological Tourism

If you are not interested in ecological tourism, you should try arcehaeological tourism. Honduras has a diversity of archaeological tourism, and the most visited places are: Copan, Los Naranjos and Taulabe Caves.


Copán is an archaeological site of the ancient Maya civilization located in the department of Copán in western Honduras. The Copan Archaeological Park entrance and Graves has a value of $ 15.00USD per person, the Museum of Mayan Sculpture is $ 7.00USD per person and the Maya Archaeology Museum has a value of $ 3.00USD. Access to Rosalila tunnels and jaguars retails for $ 15.00USD per person.

The park has 4 areas of primary interest:
-The ball game: Considered the social center of the city.
-La Gran Plaza: Famous for the stelae and altars that are decorating.
-The Hieroglyphic Stairway. This great temple contains the longest text that gave us the great Mayan civilization.
-The Acropolis.

If your destination is an archaeological tour, I recommend you to visit Copan. Along the journey you will know its history and culture. The Maya had a rich culture and through its monuments and objects we can inform more about it. Copan has many archaeological attractions, you will enjoy every minute you spend there.



-Los Naranjos

The archaeological park of Los Naranjos is one of the most important and oldest in Honduras. There are many monuments from the Maya. Also it has a pyramid of almost 20 meters of height. It is ubicated in the north shore of Lake of Yojoa. If you like to be in touch with the nature and a humid weather, you should visit Los Naranjos. It is a great place for photography, so you can enjoy a great time taking pictures with your family.


-Taulabe Caves

Taulabé Caves are part of a natural cave system that is spread throughout the municipality of Taulabé, a rich town located on kilometer 140 between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

Like most caves, the interior of Taulabe is hot and humid. Thanks to the new light fixtures that have been installed, visitors enjoy a nearly magical setting, where the admiration of nature merges with respectful silence. Although the entire length of the cave is yet unknown, many people have come to estimate it must roughly reach 11 kms in depth.

The tour lasts about 40 minutes, and you can enjoy different sculptures. I’ve been twice before so I recommend it if you want to do a short tour. As the route will forward the guide explains the history and legends of the cave which are very interesting. I do not give more details because when you visit it I want you to have a big surprise.






Ecological Tourism Honduras

If you are a person who likes to be close to nature, when planning your next trip I would like you to keep in mind ecological tourism of our country. Honduras has many forests, beaches, coral reefs and a large number of protected areas ideal for tourism.

-Bay Islands






The Bay Islands are formed by Utila, Roatan and Guanaja. One of the principal attraction of Utila is the second largest reef in the world after Australia. With over 60 different scuba diving sites including caves and wrecks. Also Utila has a diversity of Hotels, Bars and Restaurants. Guanaja is an island visited by divers for its warm, clear waters that hold part of the second largest coral reef in the world, also visited by nature lovers, biologists who want to know the biodiversity on the island, trees and plants, animals and fish. Roatan has the most beautiful beaches in Central America, because of its pure white sand and clear water. These tropical islands are worth visiting, is a paradise on earth.

Its tourist attractions are:
Stone castle: cameo School, selling carved stone and snails.
The beach and the sea, also the reef barrier and vegetation.



-Cayos Cochinos


Cayos Cochinos is a group of islands that has a diversity of marine reserve and coral cays that is its most popular attraction.



-Rio Platano Biosphere


It consists of many species of mammals such as: capuchin monkeys, ocelot and bobcat, lynx, jaguar, among others. Birds like toucans and macaws. Aquatic mammals such as manatees and other species such as pythons and anacondas.
It has trees 50 meters high and a great diversity of these.









My name is Marilyn and I’m from Honduras. In my blog I will be posting different touristic places you should travel at least ONCE in your lives. I will start posting about Honduras. Honduras has different types of tourism, such as:
-Ecological Tourism
-Archaeological Tourism

I will begin showing the Ecological Places you should keep in mind any time your visiting Honduras, I will try to look the best deals for you.

Enjoy it 🙂